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NetCitizen is about free speech. This is your site. It is a place to share your wisdom and voice your opinions about the world around us. Talk about issues local and global. Talk to your political leaders. Tell them what you think. By creating a purely democratic website, we hope to let leaders and citizens of vision explore our potential future, without the need for "sound bite" simplicity that big media can squeeze-in between advertisements. We believe it is not the citizens of the world who want simple answers to our complex problems, but a media corrupted by generations of 30 second advertisements.

Our vision is one where elected officials and candidates can speak directly to their constituencies. It is one where you can speak to them. Through our member voting mechanism, we might free ourselves from poorly written public opinion polls that measure black and white in a world of greys. But to make it work requires not your passive reading/browsing, but your active participation. Stand up and be counted, by voting and by writing.

By being an open forum for ideas, we serve the cause of personal freedom. With an advanced reader-rating system, we help readers to connect with the best writers. Through member voting, we measure how well your new ideas resonate with your fellow citizens. By personalizing your visit here, we help you to optimize your time. By utilizing anonymous memberships, we encourage candid free speech.

Post what you have to say. As you read other essays and articles, respond to the authors viewpoints with intelligent support or alternative suggestions. Vote on the articles you read. Your votes will guide others to the most worthy reading, and their votes will similarly help you. In this way, each of you is an editor of ideas, as well as a reader (and hopefully a writer). It is your site.

The net is the most democratic invention in the history of humanity. Be part of the new democracy.

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Live now. There is plenty of time to be dead.

- Anonymous

Contributed by - justinw

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